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Tasty festive recipes with low calorie sweeteners: Indulge with fewer calories with these new tasty recipes for the festive season. Dietician Tanya Haffner, mother of three and enthusiastic cook, explains: “L...
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Leading international experts to address our desire for sweet taste at the European Congress on Obesity 2015

Leading international experts to addre…

Apr 2015
Brussels 30 April 2015: Our desire for sweetness is something we universally share and has fascinated scientists and health experts for dec...
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The Lo Cal Heroes - Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

Four “Lo Cal Heroes” are brought to life in a town overcast with unhealthy dietary habits and lifestyles. As they dart around the city, each one of our heroes, who represent different health issues, showcase the benefits of small changes and smart swaps, including the use of low calorie sweeteners, to help the town folk lead healthier everyday lives.